What might be easy to adhere to in one arena of life, say a day job, may be very challenging in another, like pursuing dreams. This configuration represents a tendency to be unaccountable towards dreams held close to your heart. Being spiritual but perhaps challenged with routine and timeliness. 

Check out the chart below to see how the elements in the hand mix:

(-) too little Saturn (+) too much Saturn
(-) too little Moon ??? ???
(+) too much Moon Dreams without Discipline ???


  • Below are two examples of what this combination looks like in a hand:


Short or bent middle finger + bulging moon

To the trained eye, you will see how the Moon is rounded and creates a nice curve to the percussion of the hand. This aspect, mixed with the compromised of the middle finger, adds up to the pattern recognition required for this type.

Imaginative but what about work?

Not following through with a task and instead imagining about things is at the core of this archetype. It is about someone who is challenged by staying on target for career or work. This is especially true about being applied to spiritual pursuits and dreams. You can be very intuitive and have a vast inner world, but if you aren’t working on things and completing what you start, there’s trouble. There can be the likelihood of getting lost in “what if” instead of “this needs to be finished”.

It would be a real shame if some of the spirituality and meaningful-life-focused folks out there in the world didn’t finish their books and get published. People like Doreen Virtue or Wayne Dyer are examples of effective Moon and Saturn. They took responsibility of their life, and with integrity and effort, got their dreams. They also made a living doing what was important and meaningful to them.



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