Rooted in privacy, this type is not known to go public very often. The person with this configuration is challenged to bring their deep awareness and spiritual gifts to the public.

Check out the chart below to see how the elements in the hand mix:

(-) too little Apollo (+) too much Apollo
(-) too little Moon ??? ???
(+) too much Moon Hiding at the Monastery ???


Below are two examples of what this combination looks like in a hand:

Skinny or Short Ring Finger + Bulging Moon

To the trained eye, you will see how the Moon is rounded. It creates a nice curve to the percussion of the hand. That aspect, mixed with the thin, short or compromised ring finger is needed to fit this type. Narrowness in the middle and bottom phalanges adds to the pattern recognition required.

Imaginative but not Seen

A person who has this archetype in their hand may indulge in imagining possibilities and remain shy or unnoticed. Some dreams are best kept as secrets. But in the case of someone with this formation, the balancing act of sharing their intuitive gifts is part of the combination’s calling. If they have any intuitive gifts, which is likely if the Moon is “busy”, they are challenged to bring out their capabilities to be appreciated by others.

Imagine if Deepak Chopera or Wayne Dyer never wrote their books and got into the public eye? What a loss it would be to the world, as their work is very meaningful and inspiring for the spiritual aspirant. Thus it is imperative for this type of person to get over the stage fright and step into the spotlight.

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