A job cost accounting cloud application targeting mid sized construction companies looking for a fun but clean logo.

The final design was a low contrast, thicker lettering with subtle script elements creating a good balance between fun and clean design.

How to Approach the Lettering

Starting off, I went in search of what the competition looked like for this kind of business. Brand logotypes inline with this type of business were exclusively sans serif.

Seeing the common approach taken by others, I went in search of a similar feel but to bring in some fun to the design without being outrageously informal or silly.

After combing through lots of logos and fonts, I came up with the art direction based on the inspiration logo + art direction typefaces. Since the company is a B2B business, I went for a look and feel that was more standard with some interesting detail possibilities.

Starting Pencil to Paper

Lucky for me I had a sketch that seemed to work well early on. I was very quick to go straight to inking and then take a few notes that I would bring into vectorizing.

Lettering Sketch to Vector

Like most transitions from pencil and ink to digital artwork designing, there were lots of changes made. From the counter of the “q”, “d” and “b” being adjusted and making sure the line thickness was consistent, I cleaned up the lettering and got it to a point where I felt good about it.

In the End

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